This is the amazing story of a BABY? It was going to be ABORTED It's already a year old!

Mahiri was pregnant with a child and doctors had recommended that she abort due to complications. They only gave him 5 minutes to make a decision about who they called a non-viable fetus. With 20 weeks of pregnancy, Mahiri told the doctors that she would not do what they suggested and she was discharged.

When we told the doctor that we would not go to the operating room, he looked at his watch and then at us with disapproval, as if he was wasting time.

She never lost hope

Her source broke unexpectedly in week 25 and after a hard delivery, she gave birth to a small baby who weighed only 624 grams.

The delivery was made in a special room, due to the fragility of the child

Many technological devices were needed to care for the little one and the mother.

Jett Morris was born with complications in the lungs and heart

It was very hard for the parents to tell them that they had to abort their baby, and that was never an option if there was the slightest chance that their little one could live. Fortunately, the boy managed to stabilize and was discharged three weeks after birth.

I understand that doctors have to give you the worst diagnoses and they have to be tough, but there are not two people on this planet who are exactly the same, and they did not give Jett any chance.

Thanks to this decision, Jett is now one year old and enjoys excellent health

The family is very happy to have overcome all the obstacles and they hope that it will continue to grow as the beautiful, healthy and happy child that it is.

Abortion Survivor Meets Her Birth Mother (January 2021)