This is how your life changes when you stop waiting

Evgene Medvedev, author of self-help courses, shares in her article How to let miracles enter your life or life without expectations a series of reflections about the importance of freeing ourselves from external expectations and beginning to observe our interior.

As she herself says: Expectations stop the energy and focus only on a couple of options. This does not let the energy flow and at the same time prevents life from giving you the best for you. We hope you find in these words the inspiration needed to live every day more free and lighter.

I stopped living in waiting mode and felt the absolute lightness in my soul. It's as if I started to live in reality

I stopped expecting results from myself and stopped waiting for others: value me, do something for me, be kind to me, be responsible, understand me and do what I want.

I stopped waiting for money

I accepted the amounts I already had. I stopped waiting and demanded what I did not give to life. I felt unjustifiably deprived of some things because I believed that I was working hard to achieve success while other people, doing nothing, obtained better results than me.

I stopped hoping that tomorrow everything was wonderful and had no problems. The childish part of my soul wanted tranquility and serenity, but I did not achieve it until the adult part realized that tranquility and serenity existed in my interior and that they did not depend on external issues that I had to solve.

I do not care what will happen tomorrow

Before I was afraid that something would happen that I could not deal with. I let go of my future expectations by telling myself: Whatever happens, everything will work out in the best way for me. Whatever it is, whatever happens. From that moment on miracles began to happen in my life.

I started to listen better to myself

Interesting ideas began to flow and I heard them. I realized that I could do them without really understanding how, but in the process of trying to make them come true, I always found the best way.

I started to be more efficient and to do more things, because I no longer prepare to do them but I just do them. It was amazing how everything started to get better. So many things happened that I almost do not have free time, but the surprising thing is that I manage to do everything with the minimum effort, besides, I started to shape certain important events instead of just reacting to the things that happened to me.

I have found myself at the right time and in the right place

The events began to line up perfectly and take me where I wanted to go at that moment. My life began to fill with new things that come on their own. I began to feel how life flows, how it changes and adjusts, and I learned to accept what life offers me at this very moment.

Stop Waiting for Life to Happen | Peter Sage | TEDxKlagenfurt (January 2021)