This is how the trends in nails have changed in the last 100 years. Which one do you prefer?


Keep a manicure Perfect has always been paramount for women. The nails in women have been a symbol of femininity, that's why we dedicate so much care to fixing them. From choosing the shape and style, to the color with which we will paint them.

The nail repair is not something new, for more than 100 years women have been concerned about wearing a manicure impeccable, of course each era has been different. Learn here how the care and arrangement of the nails has evolved over time and choose which is your favorite time.

This is the story of the nails:

1. 1916

The nails were used short, clean, simple and unpolished, 100% natural.

2. 1926

In 10 years the style of wearing them did not change much, they were only allowed to polish them and add a little transparent varnish that would make them shine.

3. 1936

In 1932, to be more exact, the nail revolution began. Revlon It became the first brand of nail polish completely established and that was how it gave way to the birth of colored nails.

The manicure Half Moon was the most popular during the 30s.

4. 1946

Already with the color nails fully established women chose to wear shades of orange and reddish, in addition to using them a little longer than before.

5. 1956

The 40's and 50's were characterized by being very similar in terms of fashion manicure; nails in deep reddish tones, relatively long and almond shaped.

6. 1966

The pastel colors characterized the nails of the 60s. They were totally divine.

7. 1976

The psychedelia of the 70 was reflected in the nails of women of this time. They were designs with long nails, bright colors and ideal for going to the disco.

8. 1986

Of course, the neon colors could not be missing in the 80's nails. They also used to add some detail with rhinestones that made them stand out even more.

9. 1996

The grunge and rebellion was what characterized the 90s, this was reflected in the nails of women. Painted in dark colors, mainly black, and in a short size.

10. 2006

In 2006 what stood out most was the French manicure. Easy to make and very elegant for all women.

11. 2016

Currently, what is in full swing is wearing the nails with shades nude and with bright touches, just enter Instagram to find thousands of options for this trend.

What is your favorite time?

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