This is how the princesses of Disney would look, if they were some character from the popular horror movies


Disney films are known to fulfill a magical and positive desire, despite all the obstacles. For something its protagonists are heroes or heroines. However, at this time it is time to completely forget about that. Did you ever imagine what Cinderella would look like if she were a villain of terror?

Just in time for Halloween, Travis Falligant, a Virginia artist who recently partnered with the website, has transformed your favorite princesses into the villains of your nightmares, making them part of movies like The Exorcist, The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street and many more. Falligant says it was a super fun job to do, and the result is fantastic.

1. Tiana as Candyman

Disney should never have set foot in the slums of New Orleans.

2. Pocahontas as Jason Voorhees

John Smith will want to never have taken a walk on the lake with Pocahontas,

3. Snow White as Freddy Kruegger

Snow White will eat the poisoned apple and take the souls of the dwarves down Elm Street.

4. Ariel as The Creature of the Black Lake

Ariel does not want to have legs, she wants Prince Eric to take a dip next to her in the ocean.

5. Elsa and Anna as the twins of The glow

The hedge maze at Elsa Castle will be very winter and bloody this year.

6. Cinderella as Carrie

Cinderella's evil stepmother was right when she said: Everyone will laugh at you. Indeed, Cinderella will attract all eyes, and the phrase would be: Everyone will flee from you.

7. Sleeping Beauty as Dracula

No wonder Aurora sleeps all day. She is a vampire!

8. Merida as Chucky

The Merida doll is very good. Until you discover that you can talk

9. Mulán in the movie Ring

Maybe Shan Yu should never go to the lake at Mulán's house.

10. Beautiful as a werewolf

Beast now has a great competition!

11. Jasmine as the girl of The Exorcist

The musical number of the Genie can not save Jasmine now.

Disney Movies In Real Life! (October 2020)