This is how the Princesses of DISNEY look in their OLD AGE

Have you ever imagined what happened to your favorite Disney princesses? What was his story behind: And they lived happily ever after? The visual artist and illustrator Loryn Brantz decided to imagine the princesses as they would look many years later and also created a story of what had happened during the lives of these characters.

1. Jasmine

Curious fact: Jasmin and Aladdin had four children, two boys and two girls. His children are now in charge of several charities.

2. Mulán

Curious fact: Mulán is now China's ambassador.

3. Ariel

Curious fact: Ariel became a renowned marine biologist. His work has helped several species of fish in danger of extinction.

4. Aurora

Curious fact: After his retirement, Aurora went to live again in the cabin of her fairy godmothers, along with Prince Felipe. They have 10 grandchildren, who refer to her as Nana Roro.

5. Bella

Curious fact: Bella decided to open the Beast library to the public. She directs it.

6. Cinderella

Curious fact: Cinderella and Prince Charming now live on a farm in Vermont. Cinderella still prefers the company of mice to that of humans.

7. Tiana

Curious fact: Tiana opened her own restaurant, and is very popular. She still cooks her famous donuts for her clients on weekends.

8. Meg

Curious fact: Unfortunately Meg died shortly after filming Hercules. A light breeze made her fly off Mount Olympus. D.E.P.

What Disney Princesses Look Like In Their Old Age (January 2021)