This is how the most powerful fashion critics in the world are seen


The world of fashion would be nothing without its critics, those who decide what has class and what does not, what is in and what is antiquated, what is worth and what is not. But have you asked who they are and what they look like?

These 16 women are the most famous fashion critics and although you might think that their outfits are always right, you will be relieved to know that they are mere mortals and that, like any of us, they sometimes hit you and others do not.

1. Anna Wintour

Editor of the magazine Vogue since 1988, it is known as The Empress of Fashion because its influence reaches all corners of the world. The book The Devil Wears Prada It was written by his exasistent, Lauren Weisberger, and portrays how cold and demanding Wintour is.

2. Alexa Chung

It's a model, it girl, television presenter and editor in the British version of Vogue whose fame grew thanks to his courtship with Alex Turner, the leader of the band Arctic Monkeys. further The New York Times He named her Kate Moss of the 21st century.

3. Miroslava Duma

She is a fashion icon in Russia who started her career writing for Harpers Bazaar, but is currently editor of its own site: Buro 24/7. In an interview he said he would never write about the Kardashian on his page.

4. Suzy Menkes

She is 75 years old, has dedicated most of her life to fashion, is the international editor of Vogue and he made the pompadour (the crepe on his head) his hallmark. She never accepts clothing from the brands she writes about, as she has stated: I was educated believing that a girl should not accept anything but flowers or chocolates.

5. Lynn Yaeger

He has an extravagant style that prevents him from going unnoticed. His pinnings in fashion began when he decided to spend his political science student scholarship on six French dresses and ran out of money. So, to replace it, she got a job as an editor in The Village Voice, and little by little she was recognized and admired for her way of writing. Now he works for Vogue

6. Grace Coddington

She is the most famous redhead in the industry and possesses a strange charm. Her career started as a model and she later became a great friend of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, who recruited her for her team Vogue He loves cats so much that he wrote the book The Catwalk Cats.

7. Angelica Cheung

It is known as the Anna Wintour of China and has become an icon in the eastern country because it was a pioneer as a fashion writer, since, in her own words, no one in the international sphere wanted to work in China. We had to be pioneers, create the infrastructure of zero and professionalize the stylists, photographers, models and designers. He has been at the helm for 11 years Vogue in his country.

8. Julia Sarr-Jamois

He began his career as a model for brands Diesel Y Fred Perry, but she wanted to expand her creative potential, so she became a stylist and fashion editor, first of Wonderland Magazine, and after i-D Y Vogue

9. Kerry Pieri

She is the fashion director of Harpers Bazaar and among their tasks are the creation of covers, the writing of My life in three looks and the edition of the best of each season, from shoes, bags, pants and coats. He is always aware of what is in!

10. Carine Roitfed

His career began as a model for Gucci Y Tom Ford, later became editorial director of Vogue Paris, Elle Paris and fashion director of Harpers Bazaar; In addition, he has written three books, is the protagonist of a documentary and is heiress of the empire of Karl Lagerfeld.

11. Christine Centenera

She is a heavyweight of fashion who, in addition to working as a stylist, is editor of Vogue Australia and is acclaimed by experts for its iconic street style, so much so that Kanye West chose her as a collaborator for her signature Yeezy and there are those who say that she is responsible for Kim Kardashian's image change.

12. Emmanuelle Alt

When Carine Roitfeld left Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle succeeded her. His followers love his Parisian style and effortlessly it has become his personal brand. He prefers discreet pants and colors.

13. Kate Lanphear

It's the face of rock in fashion and challenged trends to create their own image. He began as an assistant in a magazine, tried to adapt to the currents and rules of the industry to fit the profile of an entire it girlbut that was not his thing. He has worked for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Maxim Y Marie Claire.

14. Anna Dello Russo

The editor of Vogue Japan She is a dressmaker, creator and expert in fashion history whose look It is not the most eccentric of her: she has more than four thousand pairs of shoes and her collection of clothes is so big that she has two houses, one to live in and another that she uses as a wardrobe.

15. Giovanna Battaglia

His career started in Dolce and Gabbana as a model when she was a teenager, but abandoned her to become a designer, which led her to work hand in hand with Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors. She is currently the creative director of Swarovski Professional and he has written a book, Gio_graphy: Fun in the wild world of fashion.

16. Glenda Bailey

She is the chief editor of Harpers Bazaar, but in 1988 she was editor of the English version of Marie Claire and thanks to it the magazine won five awards for the Magazine of the Year, a recognition from Amnesty International, and Glenda won three awards for Editor of the Year.

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