This is how the Gossip Girl cast looks 7 years after its last episode


We were not gossips until he arrived Gossip Girl and hooked us with the dramatic life of our favorite indiscreet. They are the culprits that we like to find out everything!

It's been almost 12 years since it was released and we still can not forget the charming look of Chuck or the headaches that Georgina Sparks caused us, but do you know what your favorite gossips look like now? These 19 photographs of the before and after cast of Gossip Girl They will show you that, perhaps, they have matured.

1. Serena van Der Woodsen, Blake Lively

2. Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester

3. Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick

4. Dan Humphrey, Penn Badgley

5. Nate Archibald, Chace Crawford

6. Jenny Humphrey, Taylor Momsen

7. Eric van Der Woodsen, Connor Paolo

8. Lily van Der Woodsen, Kelly Rutherford

9. Rufus Humphrey, Matthew Settle

10. Eleanor Waldorf, Margaret Colin

11. Dorota Kishlovsky, Zuzanna Szadkowski

12. Bart Bass, Robert John Burke

13. Georgina Sparks, Michelle Trachtenberg

14. Vanessa Abrams, Jessica Szohr

15. Ivy Dickens, Kaylee Defer

16. Penelope Shafai, Amanda Setton

17. Hazel Williams, Dreama Walker

18. Isabel Coates, Nicole Fiscella

19. Nelly Yuki, Yin Chang

Gossip Girl: Where Are They Now? (April 2021)