This is how a girl looks in front of the mirror of 11 different testers


Surely it has happened to you, as well as to many girls, that when you return home after a great shopping day you do not understand how that beautiful blouse looks in a very different way now. Maybe you think it's because maybe you ate too much back home or that there is a possibility that the girl in the store hates you and changed the clothes.

However we have noticed that these adjustments ruthlessly destroy our self-esteem, as the testers act as a kind of editing program to make us look perfect in the clothes inside the stores. That's why this girl editor decided to find out what the problem was. This is the result of trying on clothes in 11 different stores.

This is the girl who offered to get the tests

I can not say I'm fat (and I hope you do not believe it either). But my physical appearance has some flaws in the testers, some stand out more or disappear completely.


It seems that we are in a kind of labyrinth of mirrors, and at any moment on the left side of the reflection will appear a murderer. Is he behind that big discount cardigan? In any case, it is not so terrible as my face looks with this contrasting lighting.


It has a small space but I feel like I'm at home. The lighting is soft and does not irritate the eyes, in addition the mirrors do not transform the figure much.


I would stay to live in this tester! It has a nice lighting, a nice mirror and my reflection looks nice and young. Just like that, I saw myself in my best years.


With the red curtains I see myself as Superman wearing his cape and I love that. But in truth, the garments look more contrasting and I can find out immediately if they are going well or not.


I'm pretty sure the testers should not have dark curtains, because all the dark garments are camouflaged with the background. Just like it happened here.


The greenish lighting of this tester creates a psychedelic environment, the mirror increases the proportions of my figure. I do not feel like being here more than 5 minutes.


Here there is very little space. It's almost like a coffin. If you suffer from claustrophobia, it is better that you try the garments outside. My pale face in the mirror only increases that feeling. Anyway my figure looks pretty good.


I like how my reflection looks in this mirror. I like the light because it does not bother me and gently illuminates my shoulders. I think I'll buy some clothes here.

9. H & M

This is a respectable tester. It's not too good, but it's not bad either. There is enough light, a lot of space to put your things and the reflection of the mirror does not bother you. I'll buy here when they have sales.


The type of lighting in this store makes me look pink. Just like a baby pig.


OMG! Am I really that fat? The reflection of this tester did not please me at all. In addition there is no privacy, the door almost does not close.


  1. It depends a lot on light. If the tester has a main lighting that is located above and is very contrasting, you will be frightened when looking at your reflection. Remember that in real life you do not look so bad, I promise.
  2. If the main lighting is distributed vertically on both sides of the mirror and is soft, everything is better. With this lighting you will fall in love with your reflection.
  3. If you have doubts about the clothes, leave the tester and walk around the sales room. You will not find normal lighting but at least you will see it in another environment and so you will make the decision to buy.

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