This is how 15 actors from the Marvel universe look without makeup


For some years we have witnessed the evolution of the characters of the Marvel cinematographic universe. Every time new superheroes or villains are added to the movies, the makeup, the effects and even the wardrobe improve; however, many times we do not know who the actors are behind the characterization.

But then we arrived to save the day and clear all doubts. In case you want to know, this list reveals the 15 actors who play MCU characters, without makeup!

1. Under the metallic aspect of Ultron is James Spader

2. Benjamin Mendelsohn is Talos, the villain of Capitana Marvel

3. Under the Red Skull mask is Ross Marquand

4. We owe it to Paul Bettany to play Vision

5. Josh Brolin brought Thanos to life

6. Pom Klementieff looks tender playing Mantis

7. Gamora is played by Zoe Saldana

8. Karen Gillan brings Nebula to life

9. Yondu Odonta in real life is Michael Rooler

10. The High Priestess, Ayesha, is played by Elizabeth Debicki

11. Under the disguise of Ronan the accuser is Lee Pace

12. Bradley Cooper lends his voice to the fun Rocket Raccoon

13. Behind the dark makeup of Proxima Midnight is Carrie Coon

14. Minn-Erva is played by the beautiful Gemma Chan

15. The goddess Hela is Cate Blanchett

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