This is a version of our favorite artists. Weight gain!


The obsession for the beauty of many famous women is a trend in social networks and has made many firms (and even some celebrities) reveal themselves against these stereotypes taken to the extreme.

David Lopera has digitally retouched the photographs of some of the women considered most beautiful to show how they would look with 60 kilos more. The result, which he has shared through his Facebook page, has gone viral. David receives comments and requests from men who want to see their famous favorite with extra kilos. The Spanish, of just twenty years, has expressed that with his images he wants to show the pressure felt by women with overweight and robust build.

Katy Perry

Emma Watson

Mila Kunis

Rita prays

Kim Kardashian

Robin scherbatsky

Jennifer Lawrence

Miranda Cosgrove

Cobie smulders

Iggy Azalea

Amber Lancaster

Carly Rae Jepsen

Karen Guillan


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