This is a normal day for a mother from her perspective, and so from her little daughter's


Being a mother can be a chore, but the reward is worth it: those little imps are the reason to wake up every day with all the energy and fight for a better life; even when the process is really stressful for mothers who have to divide between domestic tasks and taking care of the little ones.

But children have a different way of looking at life and believe that their moms are superheroes who live to save the day. They have another point of view and this is what the vloguera 29-year-old Esther Anderson, in her most recent video called A Normal Day (a normal day), for your page called Story of this life (the story of this life).

An ordinary woman with an extraordinary life

Esther grew up in the middle of the jungle in Papua, New Guinea, her life has always been a great adventure. His family consisted of 5 brothers (no women) and then he married in Oklahoma with Thad. In their seven years of marriage, they had to move at least 21 times, although the best part is that they made many friends. They finally decided to buy a house in Texas and start their own family.

She started her vlogg to be able to tell the daily life of her life, nothing at all, beside her husband and her two little ones. Thanks to this, it has become very popular.

A normal day

In the video we can see how her husband arrives and asks him how his day was. Esther's response is what everyone expected: get up early with the girls screaming, stop the fights, take them shopping to the supermarket, change dirty diapers and small disasters that occur with two goblins loose around the house.

A fabulous day

The next part of the video shows when the father asks his daughter how his day was. The little girl's version gives us a completely different perspective: a girl who loves her mother because she rescued her from the monsters; it makes clear to him how much he loves his younger sister; everything they laughed at while changing their diapers; how many kisses his mother gave him during the day; She tells him about her trip to the mall and how she and her mother had the best day of their lives.

Mothers are the best in the world

Maybe moms do not realize all the work they do and how much their children value it, sometimes they concentrate so much on fatigue that they forget that their example is what makes their children better every day.

This is the best of the stories

Although the video does not have subtitles, a mother's language is understood anywhere in the world.

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