This incredible tone kit will help you create your own nail polish; you will never buy again


Would you like to create your own nail varnish and use colors as unique as you? We present the package Mixify Polish, that includes everything necessary for you to do it.

East kit was launched by the company Mixify Beauty, specialized in cosmetic articles. The inventor of the package, Amy Schofield, is a woman passionate about color and creativity and wants other girls to take advantage of this opportunity to do things for themselves.

What includes?

The package contains eight colors, five basic and three that you can choose yourself; five empty bottles, base, mixing tray, funnels, spoons, stirrers, mixing balls and of course, an instructive one.

What does it mean Mixify?

Mixify It is the action of creating something that belongs to you, that reflects you, that expresses your creativity and your personality. It is to include care, passion, purpose, pride and originality.

And the quality of the ingredients

The best ingredients on the market are used, they are enamels 5free so they are free of formaldehyde, toluenes, dibutyl phthalates, camphor, chemicals that are harmful to our nails.

We show you how simple it is

You can use it with your sisters or friends

It's a fun pretext for a meeting of friends or to spend time in a sleepover.

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