This husband SURPRISES his wife by telling her that she is PREGNANT before she knows it


Usually, it is the woman who finds some original way of revealing to her partner that she is pregnant, in the hope of provoking a reaction of astonishment (positive, of course). On this occasion, things were different. Sam, host of a video blog with his wife Nia, had the suspicion that she might be pregnant because he shared that he was two weeks behind in his period. He decided to take the test and try to reverse the roles.

Following her intuition, she recorded on video how she used a urine sample that she left at night in the bathroom to do a pregnancy test that was positive. At first, Nia believes that it is a joke of her husband, but in the end, he convinces her that it is true and manages to capture the surprise of both his wife and their two young children.

To be totally sure that the test was correct thinking about the diluted urine in the bath water Nia did a second one, which shows at the end of the video. She discovered that she is definitely pregnant.

The couple regularly upload videos to YouTube with scenes from their family life. We know from their Facebook page that they were dating since high school and live in Texas.

Sam decided to call this video The first time in history that a dad announces to mom her pregnancy.