This guy makes the funniest and most tender memes with his girlfriend's photos; Internet dies of love


When a boy is in love, he can not realize the small defects of his girlfriend: he sees her as perfect and wonderful and tries to keep all the moments they spend together as something invaluable. Of course, a man who is capable of doing anything to make his girl happy will never go unnoticed.

Luis Palacios is 17 years old and since two years ago he has a relationship with Allyson Martinez of 16. They live in Texas and spend their free time together. Luis loves to take pictures of his girlfriend in any situation and post them on social networks.

They are very in love

He is always taking pictures of me and I get angry.

One Saturday morning, Allyson discovered in a Twitter post, a photograph of her taking a nap, Luis' intention was to make her wake up with a smile, but it has become her favorite meme. These are some of the photos he has made public.

It's not one of your best angles

As seen when he takes a nap.

He tries to capture all his expressions

How he looks at me when I tell him I'm not going to buy him food.

In any circumstance

How he reacts when I buy him food.

He even risks his own life

And he knows there will be problems

How he looks at me when a girl likes my tweets or follows me.

But he does it for love

Like she spies on me when I'm looking at my phone.

All in order to make her happy

And remember every moment at your side

And the proud sign

How do you look at me Starbucks.

Because it's what he wants most in this world

These are some comments from netizens

Everyone is fascinated

It is one of the most beautiful details that you have seen

Everyone feels tenderness

Others made memes of it

The important thing is that, despite being so young, their relationship is going from strength to strength and although she dislikes the images, she knows that they are an expression of the love her boyfriend has for her.

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