This girl with Down syndrome ignores bullying and is determined to be a great model


Gigi Cunningham is a brave 17-year-old girl with Down syndrome who dreams of having a career in the modeling industry, and that is precisely what she is doing. But what is even more impressive is that she is using her talent to tell society what the syndrome is about and thus put an end to the humiliation suffered by many people who have it.

Despite her recent success, several years ago Gigi suffered merciless ridicule from her schoolmates and constantly came home crying, until one day she and her mother, Erica Butler, had a long conversation and found a way out forward: they began to fulfill Gigi's dream of being a model.

Gigi understands that there are some cruel people in the world, but she does not let her tears run down for that kind of people, Erica said. The Mighty.

In September Gigi presented information about bullying at a Down syndrome event in Danville, Illinois, in the hope of informing people.

Gigi's career is growing steadily, as she will be one of the three representatives at the Buddy Walk in Urbana, Illinois, United States, a national event of the Down Syndrome Society. After the event Gigi will be part of the fashion show Be Beautiful, Be Yourself in Denver, Colorado, which until now has become his greatest achievement.

Many doors will be closed and many others will open. Always approach your goal with an attitude of I can and with a smile on your face, because you deserve it. I believe that you can do things through Christ and with prayer, and thus nothing is impossible. Never give up, and if nobody believes in you, I do. I'm determined to help change the face of beauty, "Gigi said. The Mighty.

This great fashion show is organized by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GDSF), which is the largest fundraiser for Down syndrome in the United States. More than 1,200 people attend each year, and have managed to raise up to $ 9.5 million dollars for research, assistance and dissemination about Down syndrome.

While she has left behind the days when she suffered from bullying, Gigi is aware of the fact that she will have to face new challenges within the industry. As his mother says:

Gigi has turned away from many opportunities because she has Down syndrome. We have heard many times that we should stay at home because it is not what they are looking for or that she is not beautiful. People have said very cruel things, but Gigi does not let that stop her from looking for what she wants to be. Every morning, before going to school, she always looks in the mirror and says she is beautiful.

One of Gigi's greatest sources of inspiration is her modeling partner Madeline Stuart, who also has Down syndrome and has had great successes.

She is an inspiration to many girls with Down syndrome and with some disability, because no matter how beautiful we are, with confidence we can do anything that we propose Gigi to The Mighty.

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