This girl trained her parrot to attack her enemies


Besides being great friends, pets are faithful protectors capable of giving everything for us, and the parakeet of this story itself, the parrot, is no exception. They may be small, but you better not make them angry.

This girl trained her parrot to attack every time she screams and the Twitter user Lord Flocko shared a video to prove it. The publication already has more than one million likes, has been shared more than 500 thousand times and has generated fun responses from Internet users.

My niece managed to train her bird to attack whoever she is screaming at.

1. Always list never inlist

2. This story we already know

3. My poor little angel predicted his future

4. First, parrots; after, dragons

5. We want to see a battle side by side

6. Nick Fury sees the potential

I'm here to tell you about the Avengers initiative.

7. A Endgame he missed a parakeet

Peter Parker asking for help.

All the heroines of MCU.

8. She is a coach Pokemon

9. Dead for playing at

10. He flew over me with his rasho To be!

11. The little girl inspired artists

12. Perfectly captured the soul of the bird

13. No brother will bother you!

Girl Trains Pet Bird To Attack Whoever She Screams At (April 2021)