This girl surprised the whole world with her puppet; Internet does not stop talking about it


We all have a talent that makes us unique: some girls are incredibly flexible, others dance on water without suffering a single slip and there are those who sing like angels accompanied by their puppet. Yes, as you have just read it, of a puppet.

In the last installment of the program Americas Got TalentDarci Lynne, a 12-year-old girl from Oklahoma, conquered the jury and the entire world thanks to her talent and her friendly puppet.

It seemed like a common act

Lynne took the stage a little nervous, her laughter betrayed her, but her peculiar companion Petunia I told him that everything would be fine. He went to the jury, introduced himself and asked his bunny to do the same and, suddenly, everything changed

Magic took over the stage

Both began their act: as if they were angels, they began to sing with a clear and moving tone of voice; they added an extreme degree of difficulty, because when Petunia Sing, Darci does not move her mouth. This left the jury speechless and almost 150 million viewers.

Everyone was shocked

Her impressive duet won her the approval of the four jurors and a standing ovation from the audience, who could not believe what she had just witnessed.

You have melted my heart
Mel B (ex Sprice Girl)

You are brilliant. I do not know how to explain how incredible this has been.
Howie Mandel

Darci triumphed like the big

I did not expect to get a direct pass to the final, however, his great talent is indisputable and his emotion even more.

He thanked every message of support

He did it through social networks through his Twitter account.

A professional

Despite her young age, Darci is a professional ventriloquist. He has had various presentations in public spaces, corporate, schools and NGOs.

After his television success, his previous performances have gained strength through the Internet, as it is in the International Cinderella Pageant, a talent contest for children and youth.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Darci Lynne Leaves Ellen Speechless (January 2021)