This girl made herself a painting instead of damaging her body


In the world thousands of young people who every day fight against depression; some of them suffer because they can not understand what is happening to them, and that confusion and helplessness often leads them to damage even their own integrity.

Amelia Hall is an 18 year old girl who constantly fights against this evil. For many years he hurt his own body, but fortunately he has understood that no matter how bad everything looks, it's not worth it to hurt oneself in that way.

She is Amelia Hall

She is an 18-year-old girl who studies at the University of Manchester.

Instead of damaging his body, he made a work of art

Last week, after having had a particularly bad day, he felt the need to self-harm, as part of the effects that depression has caused him. However, instead of doing so he drew Café Terrace on the night of Vincent Van Gogh, one of his favorite artists, on his leg.

Now she feels proud of what she is creating

During an interview, the girl said that it has taken her a long time to learn that no matter how bad everything is, it's not worth it to hurt yourself physically.

I tried to turn my body into something that I consider beautiful, into a real canvas.

A decision that is no longer difficult

Hall has completely renounced the idea of ​​mutilating his body, so painting was not a particularly difficult decision.

I remember sitting there, wanting to leave everything in half and go to bed. But I am very happy to have continued working on the painting, because I have something wonderful to show if I have a particularly bad day, instead of just damage marks.

Although the depression does not disappear, it alleviates the problem

I do not feel exactly better when I finish. This does not make the depression go away. However, it feels as if I have been able to channel some of my negative feelings. It felt wonderful to look at it and know that I had channeled my emotions with a little creativity, instead of destroying myself.

Everyone supports their wonderful work of art

This is so beautiful and so much better than hurting yourself, I'm proud of you! Your style is incredible.

Some sent positive energies

Very beautiful! I send you positive energy so you can continue like this.

Others more understood their pain

I do not know you but I have struggled with similar problems and I am so proud of you, and you must be too.

Depression is not something that should be taken lightly; If you suffer from this disease or know someone who does, it is best to visit a professional to get help.

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