This girl celebrates her birthday Selena style; it's the party we all dream of


Singers appear and disappear with the passage of time, but there are some that although they are no longer alive endure and become icons that can never go out of style: Selena is the clear example. Her music, style, manner of dancing and personality have become an inspiration for women of all ages, and in this century there is no one who does not imitate her.

Perhaps this is enough reason for women to be choosing to celebrate Selena birthday parties for their daughters. That's exactly what Lily Martinez did, who fulfilled her dream of being the Queen of Tex Mex for a day.

A party in style Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Your daughter's favorite song, so that's where the idea of ​​making a Selena themed party came from; In addition, he was inspired by the rest of the songs of the missing singer for decoration.

The singer's tastes were also present

The cake was decorated with roses, Selena's favorite flowers, and as for the food they served pizza because you can not have a party in her honor and not serve it as a main dish.

His wardrobe was the best of all

It was not just a dress, but three! The classic palazzo purple; the flowered skirt, white blouse and denim vest similar to that of the song; Finally, a nice black dress.

Definitely, this was the party of the year

How many of us would not have liked to have a party like this? Fortunately, one day we can have daughters and do this type of celebration.

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