This girl bought some metal containers and turned them into an incredible mansion


We have already seen how people decorate their home with recycled materials, and the results are surprising because they can create something useful and practical without investing too much money. But can you imagine building a house with containers?

Claudie Dubreuil made it possible. He decided to build a house with a very peculiar material. Due to her limited budget she designed her own house, and was determined to make it something extraordinary and fun. He used four metal containers to form the structure.

Dubreuil had to find an engineering company to cut shipping containers

Four companies rejected the project because it was too complicated. Eventually he found a company that accepted and initiated the process, which would last two years.

It took them about two weeks to cut the containers

As it is a process that can be toxic and smelly, it was carried out in a remote place. Then the support beams were added and welded together.

The construction team covered the containers on the outside with pine

The house is great!

The doors of the container became two large windows that give more space in the rooms

In the study of the ground floor you can see the original color of the containers

The wood and the interior coatings make it a warm place

It has a modern and fully equipped kitchen

The bathrooms look great

The one in the master bedroom has a tub to take a bath in front of the forest

Dubreuil spent between 330 and 377 thousand dollars, which included excavation, labor and materials.

Actually, the house is a great mansion that integrates with the landscape

3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home (January 2021)