This girl asks a stranger to help her forget her ex; the answer changes your life


A 19-year-old Australian girl with bad luck in love and depressed after ending a long and abusive relationship, started a conversation with a stranger through a messaging application and asked her if she wanted to have sex with her to forget to your ex.

The man's response proved incredible; It should be what any girl needs to hear in difficult times.

Who wants to help me forget my ex?

Is seriously?


Actually, what do you want?

Trust or not trust

Learn to observe

Tree metaphor

What we all want

What is the commitment?

Commit now or in the future

What do I have to do to open up with another person?

What I can do?

He was hitting me

I deserve it?

Trust or not trust

Everything ended

Let it go

What happens when I let it go and it's still there?

Final advice

This man deserves a memorial for his wisdom and patience in giving these advice to a girl in crisis.

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