This family built an amazing glass house to watch the snow fall


The arctic circle maintains extreme climatic conditions, even so, a family has managed to create its own cozy oasis in the icy Norway. The Hjertefolger family has been living on Sandhornoya Island since they began their journey in a sustainable life in 2013.

The family built a house using only organic materials such as water, sand and clay, but the most incredible of all is the large glass dome that allows them to appreciate when the snow is falling.

A real snow sphere

The house has a large dome that 25 meters high, five bedrooms and two bathrooms that give protection to the family from strong winds and large amounts of snow. Thanks to it is made with sustainable materials, the dome is maintained with a pleasant temperature.

The house has a large greenhouse

The dome also covers a garden area that gives the family the atmosphere of a greenhouse to plant their own food. Apples, cherries, plums, kiwis, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, pumpkins and melons are just some of the foods that can grow in an area that does not need too much sunlight for three months a year.

The cozy and rustic interior creates a warm atmosphere

It is far from the cold of the Arctic Circle and the view is simply spectacular, so much so that at night you can see the northern lights. In an interview, Ingrid Hjertefolger talked about her house

We love the house, it has its own soul and it feels very personal. What surprises us is the fact that we have built it ourselves. The process changes us, shapes us.

The family has lived for three years in the dome

The atmosphere is unique. The house has a great calm, you can almost hear the silence. It is difficult to explain. But it would have been impossible to get this feeling if someone else had built it for us or if it had corners and straight lines.

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