This dad showed his love to his daughter by TATTOO to coincide with her


In an extraordinary gesture of love, this father decided to tattoo a cochlear implant on his head as a sign of support for his young daughter. Charlotte Campbell is a 6-year-old girl who just got her second cochlear implant (a surgically implanted hearing device). His father, Alistar Campbell, has earned the title of Father of the Year when he decided to tattoo a device equal to his daughter to show their support and love.

Charlotte's mother and brother Lewis also wear hearing aids, so they were not surprised when they were told that Charlotte needed two implants. The first was placed when he was four years old and the second one just a few days ago.

Mr. Campbell shaved his head completely to be able to get the tattoo and only thinks about shaving again and showing it on special occasions or when his little daughter wants to see it.

He said to New Zealand Herald:

My hair can grow back.

When Charlotte saw her father's tattoo she just laughed, touched it and said it was cool Apparently she has not yet grasped the meaning of the tattoo at the moment.

Campbell said that the tattoo was made in about 45 minutes and that of course involved a bit of pain, but nothing that he could not handle

The Campbell family belongs to the Hear 4 Kidz Trust, an organization that supports families in Taupo, New Zealand, who live with deaf children.

Regarding the response of the people, Alistar says:

The reaction has been overwhelming, mostly positive. Some negative comments have come up, but they do not bother me, we are doing the best for our daughter and our family.

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