This couple was separated by the war; still had the best maternity photo session


When we are away from the boy we love for reasons of study or work, we usually resort to our old photos, videos and even audios, just to remember every moment at his side. And the messages, calls and even smoke signals are indispensable to show you how much we want it despite the distance.

But, on some occasion you have imagined how your life would be if your partner served the army of your country; It must be a difficult situation, because he could not be present at important moments for both. This happened to Veronica Phillips, just when she learned of her pregnancy.

She was looking for a beautiful memory of her pregnancy

In early May, Veronica Phillips booked a pregnancy photo shoot with photographer Jennifer McMahon in Miami, Florida.

The problem is that I was completely alone. Phillips explained that her husband Brandon, could not be present because he was abroad serving in the air force, but to feel that he was with her, he would wear his jacket in some photos.

He made a wish

During the session, Phillips asked McMahon if he could fulfill a wish. She wanted to include Brandon in her photographs in some way, not just with the garment she was wearing. Her story moved her so much that she did not hesitate to make her dream come true.

Capture the essence of love in a single image

McMahon, he used his magic wand and a little Photoshop to unite the future parents in a single image full of love, during the sweetest wait in the life of a couple. The result has captivated the entire Internet because there is nothing more beautiful than a family reunited despite time, circumstances or distance.

The whole world fell in love

Maybe it is not the best photo in history, but it has a lot of meaning, that's why McMahon, decided to share her work in social networks claiming that she was disconsolate to hear the story of the couple.

The post she has received all the time of comments in support of her work and the future family, she has been shared more than five thousand times and has more than seven thousand interactions, but the most important thing is that: she reminds us that the love of the family can all.

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