This couple VIAJÃ? through the world to find the meaning of true LOVE


Love is something glorious, and yet mysterious. We spend much of our life chasing this feeling that shies away from us; looking for someone who can tame our wild hearts and fill our soul with the joy of being truly and deeply in love.

But have you stopped for a moment to ask yourself what is the true meaning of unconditional love? I honestly could not say, but fortunately an adventurous couple could have found the answer.

Ryan Fontana and Molly Joseph left recently on an incredible journey around the world with the purpose of making public their ideal reality and discover the purpose of a life together.

The mission was simple: put into practice your beliefs about life and love.

To live fully in the present moment, choose love over fear, say yes to adventure and blow through the limits of your comfort zone.

After selling all their belongings, Ryan and Molly left their jobs as DJs, packed their bags and set off for the Pacific, where they spent the next few months acquiring new perspectives on their relationship while exploring abroad.

What, then, is what they learned about love during their travels?

According to Ryan's Instagram account,

By sharing fully with our partner we begin to illuminate all the areas of ourselves that we had covered in darkness, turning the seemingly impossible to love into something that can be loved again. This is what unconditional love means.

This beautiful couple is without doubt an inspiration for all.

Meet Ryan Fontana and Molly Josep:

After returning from a trip to Yosemite, in the United States, they both realized that something was missing in their lives.

So they gave up their jobs as DJs, sold all their belongings and embarked on an adventure across the Pacific Ocean to discover the true meaning of love.

Shortly after starting her trip, Molly wrote on Instagram: It's crazy to think that only three years ago I was a cancer patient, seeing one doctor after another in New York.

When I think about where I have been compared to where I am now, I know for a fact that everything is possible, that dreams come true. I know that bottoming makes life at the top much sweeter, and that without the minimums the maximums do not make sense.

During the following months, the couple shared some incredible moments while wandering the world

They explored ancient temples

Wading waterfalls

They found their spiritual side in the sand

They discovered life underwater

They even helped some new friends along the way

Most people who travel are to find themselves. For us, it was more about letting go of everything we were not, Ryan said.

Our favorite part of the trip has been constant and growing learning, and realizing how this has improved the other areas of our lives. You really get to know yourself and your partner when you have a new perspective on life, love and happiness.

So, what do these free-spirited twin souls teach us about love?

That unconditional love is to accept and appreciate the other person for everything that is, both for its beauty and its shadows.

It's about being completely honest and vulnerable, letting the other person see you completely, giving yourself with compassion, Ryan adds. Ultimately, you feel safe knowing that there is no thought, feeling or action that makes you unworthy of being loved.

At the end of everything, traveling with your partner means that nothing is hidden, because the other sees absolutely everything about you: the good, the bad and the ugly

Just as there were romantic moments under the waterfalls, there were nights when we had to hold each other's hair in the bathroom when we had dengue. And it turns out that the less glamorous moments are the ones I treasure the most.

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