This condom changes color if it detects any disease


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are on the rise. According to doctors, this is due to the lack of sexual education and to the fact that people do not have the necessary care with their intimate life. Therefore, every day we look for a simple and effective way to prevent them.

Now imagine that a condom warns you if you are in contact with an STD; It would be like a dream come true. But the best thing is that this could be possible thanks to the work of three students, who in the future can boast of saving lives and romantic relationships in a matter of seconds.

Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chiran Shah, students of the Isaac Newton Academy in London, are the creators of the S.T. EYE, a condom that changes color when detecting a sexually transmitted disease.

We wanted to create something that would make the detection of dangerous sexual diseases safer and that people could act immediately in the privacy of their homes without the invasive procedures of the doctors.

Daanyaal Ali

Better known as traffic light condom, is created with a molecule that changes color when coming into contact with a virus, alerting in the following way:

  • GreenChlamydia
  • Yellow: herpes
  • Blue: syphilis
  • Purple: human papilloma virus

The purpose of this condom is to know in a simple, fast and effective way that you have a disease and thus give treatment on time, or else, avoid contagion.

Revolutionary Color Changing Condoms Detect STDs (April 2021)