This boy turned his bride into a princess as a Valentine's day gift


If you are not an artist, there are many ways to make romantic and artistic gifts. Just look at what Brian Flynn did, this ordinary prince who hired the illustrator Dylan Bonner to draw him and his girlfriend Manini Gupta in the images of Disney couples.

In an interview for the site Bored Panda Brian spoke about the secret project.

I want our relationship to be as extraordinary and eternal as the animations with which we grew up, so I decided to paint ourselves in some famous Disney scenes to surprise her on Valentine's Day. It has been a secret for 3 months, and I can not wait to show it to you.

Dylan was also excited:

I feel very fortunate to have done this, especially after hearing from Manini that girls like her do not always identify with a Disney princess. I love that I got to change that


This is the first time that I have recreated something so meticulously. I love how it looked after, but it was definitely a challenge. Dylan Bonner.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Ariel, from The little Mermaid

Dylan created all the images from scratch. The speed and quality of their work really impressed me. Honestly, it made all this seem easy. Brian Flynn

Bella, from Beauty and the Beast

This was the first drawing to be finished. It took Dylan Bonner a couple of tries to find the balance to get enough resemblance to the original movies.

Rapunzel and Flynn, from Tangled