This boy kept his promise and took his cute friend with Down syndrome to the prom


When Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicx were in fourth grade, he made a promise: when they were old enough, he would take her to the prom. 10 years later he has fulfilled his promise.

Ben and Mary met in second grade and created an incredible bond of friendship. She has Down syndrome, but he has never cared; she always made sure to include her in her playground games, and once she even stopped a football game so she could participate.

Ben always considered Mary a really cool girl, sweet and easy to deal with. And although both separated to attend different secondary schools, they met again at a soccer game. He never forgot his promise, so he steeled himself to surprise her friend like this:

Mary planned to go with her friends, and it was really exciting for her that Ben remembered what she had promised.

The two attended the dance at Mary's school, and even their fourth grade teacher attended to see the emotional moment.

Tom, Mary's brother, wrote on Facebook:

Many children in her class moved away from her because of Down syndrome, but Ben always stayed by her side. He managed to put a smile on his face and this has restored my faith in humanity.

QB takes friend with Down syndrome to prom, fulfilling elementary school promise (January 2021)