This boy fell in love with himself! and it's the most inspiring love story you'll read


Love knocks on our door when we least expect it; Maybe, on any given day, meet the love of your life in a shopping center, at school, at work, in a bar; or maybe you've always had it in front of you and you never noticed.

So it happened to Tomás Castillo, a boy who one day realized that his great love was the same !, and so began a beautiful and romantic love story that has gone viral on social networks. Come with me to see this beautiful story.

It all started when Tomás fell in love with himself!

It was a happy couple who spilled honey!

They were totally in love

And they were the perfect couple

They shouted to the four winds their love

And when they believed that nothing could be better, surprise!

Like all couples, they had bad days

But they stayed together with the hope of being a happy family

Finally, the baby arrived to enlighten their lives

But the problems were still between them

Although love always won

Or at least they believed

Tomás tried to continue with his life for El Bebex

But being a single parent was not easy

Even so, he managed to get ahead of El Bebex

And his life became an inspiration to many

He recovered his figure

And the sun shone again for him

He let go of his love and closed cycles

And now he is a happy man who fights for his Bebex

Tomás is a young scriptwriter of 24 years, originally from Santiago de Chile. He created a project on Facebook parodying what we see every day in our profile: love stories, lack of love and much more. The account has been a success, especially among young people who identify with the stories that he uploads.

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