This beauty queen took the stage dressed as a nurse and surprised everyone with a monologue


Year after year in the United States the contest Miss America is celebrated, a contest where the most beautiful woman of that country is chosen. For the talent competition, most of the participants make singing, dancing and musical talent presentations while wearing beautiful bright dresses. But this year there was an exception.

Kelly Johnson is a 23-year-old girl representing the state of Colorado, and decided to put aside the glamor of slippers, bright suits and traditional talent to go on stage with her classic nurse uniform and present a monologue about the life lesson that an elderly patient with Alzheimer's gave him. Although their presentation was completely different to what these beauty pageants usually show, it was an unexpected but original and moving moment.

Kelly was among the 3 finalists of the contest and, although unfortunately she did not win, her name will be remembered in the history of these competitions thanks to her break with stereotypes, showing that beauty is not only superficial.

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