This beautiful woman revealed her secret to look so good at her 52 years


Pamela is 52 years old, is a resident of Leeds, England, and has a 21-year-old son. His son is also proud of his mother, surprised to learn that his mother inspires compliments from men much younger than her.

Pamela affirms to be grateful with life and her eternal youth, so much that she shares with all the secrets to look so young.

And to always look young Pamela perfected her lifestyle completely with these steps.

1. Body care

I am very fond of coconut oil and I use it for cooking, I add it to my coffee, I use it to remove makeup, as a body lotion and as a hair treatment, just like my mom taught me when I was young.

Humidification is vital to have a young and beautiful skin. She moistens her body with coconut oil twice a day and says that precisely that makes her skin feel so soft. He also recommends the shower gel without parabens (because they do not contain toxins), and once a week a hot bath with Himalayan salts.

2. The skin

I follow the 80/20 norm: 80% of healthy food and 20% of what is not.

Pamela shares that using sunblock with moisturizing properties and essential oils, something that has helped her stay young. And like many women, use anti-aging creams around the eyes and apply a deep cleansing mask once a week.

3. Exercise

After 10 minutes in the sauna, I like to take a shower of ice water because that awakens and tones my skin.

Although she admits not being obsessed with the exercise, she does a full workout once a week, then attends a fitness-yoga session, and ends with a while in the sauna.

4. The diet

Pamela was born in South Asia, so in 80% of healthy food that prepares to eat are vegetables and proteins, especially salmon, which is one of her favorites; in addition to adding foods such as ginger, cumin, coconut, nuts and berries in their recipes.

After each meal, Pamela drinks a glass of coconut water, this helps her to always keep iron in her diet, since at her age it is very important.

In general, at midday Pamela eats a salad that she prepares with spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, red pepper, avocado, beans and fermented cabbage. It also combines fresh basil and cilantro to flavor the salad.

Your favorite for dinner is a little chicken, fish or lamb stew with a mountain of varied vegetables. He never drinks coffee, and prefers almonds and fresh celery as a snack. Drink water with a touch of lemon all day long.

5. The soul

For her to smile is the secret of eternal youth, because she believes that nothing takes more years than smiling. It helps you stay young, which makes you feel good and confident.

I'm not perfect, but I'm grateful to have what I have.

52 Years old ageless actress reveals her anti-aging Chinese beauty secret. (January 2021)