This beautiful model of Sudan is known as Queen of Dark thanks to her incredible skin

Beauty comes in all possible shapes and sizes, but color is the last thing you think about. Often the tone of the skin is what makes a great difference between people, and even constitutes a series of insecurities, especially if it is of a tone as dark as night.

That is why the model of southern Sudan, Nyakim Gatwech, shows that these prejudices have to be in the past. Her skin is so beautiful, bright and dark that it has caused a stir on the Internet, even nicknamed Queen of the Dark or Queen of Darkness. Nyakim loves his dark skin so much that he has decided to teach the rest of the people to accept his beauty.

Meet the queen of darkness

Nyakim has perfected the art of letting her skin speak for itself, it even has a kind of charm that has led her to become a model. And he also knows how to handle enemies.

Recently Nyakim shared on Instagram a conversation he had with an Uber driver where he asked her if she would be willing to bleach her skin for 10 million dollars. Obviously he refused and his response was epic.

His skin is so beautiful, he would not change it for 10 million dollars

The conversation you had with the driver will leave you thinking, if you really want to change only because society can not break the prejudice against people of color.

A few days ago the driver of Uber in which he traveled told me: do not take it the wrong way, but if they gave you 10 million dollars, would you whitewash your skin? I could not even answer, I just started laughing loudly. Then he said, why not? and I could only answer, why should I whitewash the beautiful skin that God gave me?

Although he has received criticism, Nyakim loves his skin

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that it has been criticized. During an interview for Yahoo, the model admitted that since arriving in the United States, she has been harshly criticized for her intense brown skin tone.

Even so, the model feels beautiful because of the uniqueness of her skin tone, thanks to this, she has developed a great confidence in herself, leading her to fulfill all her dreams.

Although it promotes acceptance of the skin, this has not always been easy

There was a time in my life that I considered undergoing treatments to whiten my skin, just to avoid glances, ridicule and for many people to find me attractive.

As a child, she received a series of offensive nicknames

She also reveals that when she was a little girl her schoolmates constantly called her a black or daughter of the night.

As I grew up, I learned to love myself more and to not pay attention to negative people, this helped me a lot.

Your message is very clear: love yourself

Nyakim has a message of confidence, which will surely help other girls to feel comfortable with their appearance:

You are beautiful, you are unique, there are people who love you just as you are. Love yourself too.

Meet Stunning Nyakim Gatwech Also Known As Queen Of Dark (September 2020)