This beautiful girl SEEKED a rich husband and I RECEIVED? an unexpected response


Many times, exposing our wishes openly can expose us to listen just the opposite to what we want, as in this case, in which a girl exposes her doubts honestly and gets a totally unexpected response.

A woman wrote the following in a dating forum signing with her pseudonym: Pretty girl

I am 25 years old, I am very pretty, I have style and good taste. I would like to marry a man who makes $ 500,000 a year or more. It probably seems ambitious, but an annual salary of one hundred thousand dollars is considered as middle class in New York. My requirement is not, then, too much.

Among the men I've dated, the one with the highest income earned 250 thousand, and it seems to be my highest limit. For someone who wants to move to a residential area on Upper West Side, in New York, it's not enough.

I would like, respectfully, to ask you some questions:

Does anyone in this virtual community have that level of income? You are married? Why would someone like me marry a rich man like you? I have met some girls who have neither the physical nor the intelligence, and manage to marry rich men.

How do you decide between who can be your wife and someone who will only be your girlfriend? (My goal at this time is marriage)

Where do rich singles meet? (please, write down the names and addresses of bars, restaurants, gyms)

What age group should my goal be?

Pretty girl

This was the response of an executive of the stock exchange in New York

Dear Beautiful Girl:

I have read your publication with great interest. I guess there are hundreds of girls out there who have questions similar to yours. Please, let me analyze your situation as a professional investor. My annual income is more than 500 thousand dollars, which fulfills your requirement, so I'm not wasting my time or yours.

From the point of view of a businessman, it is a bad decision to marry you. The answer is very simple.

Leaving aside the details, what you are proposing is exchanging beauty for money. That is, a person A provides beauty and a person B pays for it. However, there is a problem: your beauty will diminish, while my money will not disappear without a good reason. In fact, my income can increase year after year, but you will not be more beautiful.

From an economic point of view, I am a good that increases in value and you are one that depreciates. And it is not a normal depreciation, but an exponential one. If beauty is the only thing you have, your value will be much lower within ten years.

According to the terms we use on Wall Street, each investment has a position. Going out with you is an exchange position: if the good that has been acquired is one that tends to lose value, we will sell it soon, because we do not want to keep it too long. The same goes for the marriage you want.

Someone who earns more than 500 thousand dollars per year is not a fool: I would like to go out with you, but not marry you. My advice is to stop looking for the keys to marry a rich man. Why do not you try to become yourself a rich person with an income of 500 thousand per year? Surely you would have more chances than finding a rich naive who wants to marry you.

Successful executive

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