This adorable short film perfectly explains how love works


All people have known love, we know about it since we are being conceived, that is why we can not explain the way we feel when we are in love; it is something that simply happens in an illogical way, but it makes us feel with a full soul.

However, have you ever wondered how love works ?, or what is the way our heart reacts when we look at the person we love?

It is really difficult to explain, because all the relationships are different and live with different intensity. But nevertheless, The gift is a short film created by Julio Pot that shows a clear explanation of how love works and how it should be in reality.

This beautiful short film tells the story of a couple who at the beginning of their relationship gave their heart to make everything perfect, but with the passage of time everything became destructive and monotonous; reaching the point where they ended the relationship, only to find the right person.

This is how love works

A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ] (January 2021)