This adorable gecko and his best friend are the cutest thing you'll see today


Sometimes a difficult day prevents us from appreciating the simple and beautiful things that life gives us, so if you are having one of those days, leave everything you are doing and take a moment to admire this beautiful and smiling gecko.

The youtuber Taylor Nicole Dean has captured the adventures of this happy saurian and his adorable toy. They both shine in all the photos and give you a good reason to smile, do you still doubt it? Take a look at their images, we assure you they are charming.

1. This is the beginning of a very nice friendship

2. This gecko and his friend take life as a joke

3. But when they are together they enjoy it to the fullest

4. Even, they protect each other

5. From time to time they laugh at the jokes

6. And when it's time to sleep, they smile for the perfect day they lived

7. The biggest gecko always sticks out his tongue and instantly makes you laugh

8. Do you notice how different they are? Them neither

9. They are friends in good times and bad

10. But, above all, they want you, have a beautiful day!

Lizards Are Awesome (September 2020)