This 10-year-old boy wins Instagram with his incredible makeup skills


For some years people have been free to choose what they want to do with their lives, including children. Like Jack, a little Brit of only 10 who feels a great passion for makeup.

After going around the world with his incredible beauty tutorials, Jack has been considered as the new it boy of the moment. On his Instagram account, Jack gives advice on contouring, lighting, shadows, lips and even on the application of eyelashes. His videos have already reached more than 40 million views and more than 74 thousand people have started to follow him. His technique is impressive, are you ready to meet him?

He is Jack, 10 years old

She is British and loves makeup

From smoky shadows

Contour and illuminator

Until eyelashes, he knows how to make any type of makeup

Jack went viral thanks to the account VibeswithBae

Where it reached 57 million views

Users have loved their talent

Although some criticized it

Others came out in his defense

And apparently he will continue doing what he likes most

10 Year-Old-Boy Makeup Prodigy ???????? Jack Makeup Kid (September 2020)