Thieves enter your house and do not steal anything, they even cleaned it!


Thieves are dangerous people that we have to flee from, that is totally clear. But what happens when, instead of stealing, they clean? Can you call them bad? A few days ago, Nate Roman, a single father living in Boston, had this huge doubt.

When Roman left in the morning, he had left the house a mess, as he usually does every day before taking his son to school and going to work. That day, like everyone else, he closed the door of his room and secured the one that faces the street. When they returned their son noticed that the front door was open and that noises were heard inside

Nate nervously entered to check the house

He realized then that something was not right: the door of his bedroom was open; then he went to look for valuables, but nothing was missing. When he entered his son's room, which usually has the bed unattended and toys thrown away, he saw that the bed was made, that they had vacuumed and even ordered the books and toys. In conclusion, everything was totally clean.

He did not hesitate to call the police

When the officers arrived, he explained that someone had entered his house; they asked him what valuables they had taken away, but he could not answer except they had cleaned everything, literally. Although the police were surprised at the mystery, they started the investigations but could not determine anything because neither the security cameras nor the neighbors noticed something unusual.

Their theories affirm that possibly some cleaning agency was mistaken of house and for that reason they cleaned, although the kitchen continued made a disaster. Another area they cleaned was the bathroom, they even left a rose made with toilet paper, as in hotels.

Nate is still afraid

He says he does not feel confident living there, so he's looking for a new home. The mystery of who cleaned his house is still unresolved, but what they are sure, both authorities and Nate, is that the apparent thief is in fact an obsessive cleaning who just needed to clean the kitchen, perhaps, for lack of time.

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