They will give extra vacations to single women so that they look for husband


Although being single in adulthood is increasingly seen as normalIn some countries it is considered a shame that women are not married after a certain age. In China, for example, women over 25 who have no husbands are called with the derogatory term sheng nu, which literally means woman left over.

This social pressure has escalated to such an extent that some companies are implementing extra days of vacations in the Lunar New Year so that every girl who is not in a relationship takes the time and looks for a man. The reason for this is that marriage is associated with happiness and, therefore, with productivity.

The company that operates one of the most popular attractions in eastern China, the Songcheng theme park in Hangzhou, implemented this measure in which its single workers over 30 years can apply for up to eight paid days to schedule appointments. In addition, if you get a husband, you will double the year-end bonus.

According to the director of Human Resources, Huang Lei, the workers are happy to have extra rest days and be entitled to a monetary incentive. Although this plan will only be effective in 2019, if it is successful, it will be extended until 2020.

The employees work mainly in functional internal departments and some are entertainment artists. Many of them have less contact with the outside world, so we hope they have more contact with the opposite sex.

Just as there are people who are in agreement with this initiative, there are also those who fight against these expiration dates that link relationships with value, because not only is it about receiving additional vacations, but there are also Marriage Markets, in which parents publish the profiles of their children to attract candidates.

To cope with this, some women have joined the campaign #changedestiny that opposes the derision of being called surplus women.

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