They throw clothes line made with slang cloth; seek to reactivate the Mexican textile industry


Most of the girls know the slang or rags woven of cotton; Yes, those with whom we are forced to clean the house on the weekend. As it turns out, for some Mexican designers, this handmade textile is more than just a cleaning cloth, they have even made it the protagonist of its best-selling garments and accessories.

The designer Rocío Ochoa and the former textile factory worker Saúl Acontzi created handbags, crop tops, tennis, hats and sweatshirts based on jargon that adapt to each girl's lifestyle. With them they intend to reactivate the Mexican textile industry, generate greater employment opportunities, growth and position themselves as big in the fashion industry.

The cotton fabric used to jargon have another use

We can find it in our wardrobe

Yes, you read well: in our wardrobe

Mexican designers have transformed it into accessories and clothing

And apparently his style is quite cozy

Although we still hesitate to include it in our outfit more casual

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