They thought they bought a little cat; they were shocked when he grew up


If you are a lover of pussycats you will know that there is nothing better than their company: they are quiet, they do not make noise, they are clean, they do not need walks like dogs and the best thing is that they occupy little space or at least that idea had the Australian Stephy Hirst, owner of the largest cat in the world, called Omar.

Hirst says that his cat always seemed great to him, but he did not see any problem in it, because he could embrace it more frequently. However, everything went out of control when it began to grow because it reached 1.20 meters high and came to weigh 14 kilos, breaking a world record.

Stephy always thought his cat was big

We do think that it could be the longest cat in the world, but we have not done anything about it.

Managers of the Guinness record they have contacted her

Apparently his cat Omar, could be the largest in the world.

It seems that everything is due to its good nutrition

Omar was tiny when we bought it, but it started to grow and weighed 10 kilos when he turned his first year.

Currently measures 1.20 meters and weighs 14 kilos

It's bigger than your canine companion.

He began to become famous through Instagram

After placing your photo in the account Cats of Instagram, This pussycat gained worldwide fame due to its enormous dimensions.

But fame has not affected him

Despite the thousands of followers he has, Omar continues with his daily routine, which includes waking up at 5 in the morning.

Although his stature generates some problems

Sleep on the sofa, because it takes up too much space in bed and demands pampering all night long.

In the same way, there is no one who can resist this cat

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