They RECREATED the famous Calvin Klein ads. This is what happened


Men, as children, grow up with the pressure to see and act in a way that sums up masculinity. They are surrounded with the notion that they are supposed to be strong. And indeed, the idea of ​​acting masculine often goes hand in hand with having the manly body that the media so often shows. A body that represents it perfectly is that of the ads of the brand Calvin Klein

Previously the girls of BuzzFeed They had decided to recreate the Victorias Secret models. Now, it was the boys' turn. They chose (each) a model of ads for Calvin Klein with the intention of simply having fun and remembering that all people come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

1. Kevin

At first I was very nervous, but then I did not care. As I have grown older, I have become much less insecure with my body, and this was the great test.

2. Isaac

It was a big change to look in the mirror and not see the faded colors and the usual broken elastic. I would like to feel more positive with my body. In fact I think this is going to be a shocking way to help me get used to my body and the way I see myself.

3. Logan

Apparently, my model face is more like a face without expression: forgive me all! But in all seriousness, we all have insecurities, and although I do not see myself at all as Fredrik Ljungberg, I am (mostly) happy with how I look. Now I just have to learn to smile.

4. Matt

When I first saw my picture, I did not want to look at it directly. But the more I forced myself to see my body, the more I saw myself. That picture is right. This is how I look. I am that guy from Asia with tanned and thin skin, wearing very good underwear. I still go to the gym at least four times a week, and I take ballet classes when I can, but I remembered that I do not have to see myself as Jamie Dornan. I can be myself.

5. Spencer

I've always wanted sharp cheekbones and abs, because I imagined what a great life would be like if I had the look of a perfectly sculpted model. But it is important to recognize that staying fit and eating well is a full-time job and a lifestyle for these models. In any case, re-creating these Calvin Klein ads has reminded me to put everything in perspective. My job, unlike Matthew Terry's, is not to sell sensuality, but that does not mean I can not feel that way.

6. Dan

Two things: 1) In the photo there is a shadow of underarm hair, which is so clumsy and probably something that could only happen to me, but 2) I'm realizing that I do not even care. This photo session was very fun, and I felt unexpectedly confident throughout the whole thing.

Body positive activists recreate the Kardashian/Jenner Calvin Klein ad (January 2021)