They play intimate parts of Harry Styles during concert; the rest of fans ask for respect to the idols


In an unfortunate event, former One Direction member Harry Styles suffered sexual harassment during a concert he held in Los Angeles, California, last weekend. The unpleasant moment was recorded in a video that has already gone around the world.

During the Show, the 23-year-old singer approached the fans They were close to the stage, he knelt in front of them and someone took advantage of the moment, stretched out his arm and touched the boy's private parts. Harry moved away from the place, visibly annoyed and uncomfortable.

Nothing justifies harassment

One of those present captured the moment in video and uploaded it to his Twitter account. As expected, all the fans Styles came out to defend it and support it with the hashtag #RespectHarry, which has become trending topic

The person responsible for this act has not been identified, as only one arm can be seen. Neither the singer nor his office staff have made any kind of statement about it.

The moment they disrespected him

The fact that you have your idol nearby does not give you the right to touch their parts, better enjoy the moment and record it without doing that!

cam (@stylesroses_) October 22, 2017

Another perspective

Their fans do not agree with this attitude

Yes, Harry is a man. Yes, Harry is a class A celebrity. Yes, Harry is beautiful. Yes, Harry is loving, caring and a wonderful person. Yes, Harry respects everyone and treats them with kindness. Yes, Harry was educated that way, it's not an advertising medium.

No, Harry is not a sexual symbol. No, Harry is not a sexual object. No, Harry is not an easy kid. No, Harry does not deserve this disrespect. No, Harry does not deserve to always be protected because there are women like this who care about my limits.

No, Harry, although he is a handsome male celebrity, nobody has the right to touch him in inappropriate places.

No, Harry being a beautiful human being does not give anyone the right to go over their dignity or sexualize them in any way.

No, grabbing Harry and disrespecting him the way you did, does not make you a fan his. It only makes you a bad person who could pay a concert ticket for a person that you do not seem to know, because if you were a fan Real, you would know that that is what you should give back to someone who has given us so much.

In fact you would know if you were a decent human being.

You would do it?

And he's right

It is not the first

Simple reciprocity

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