They made the challenge The floor is lava and they failed; these are the 10 funniest falls

You are walking along the street with your friends and out of nowhere someone begins to record with his cell phone and shouts: the floor is lava! . You have the following options: a) In less than 5 seconds you run and jump on the first thing you see to get safe; b) You do nothing and you lose the game. Do you know what we are talking about? The new challenge that has invaded social networks around the world.

This fun trend was born in Europe, then spread through the United States, until it became an international challenge, similar to the Mannequin Challenge or the Ice bucket challenge. Have you tried? To have fun for a while, we leave you some of the funniest videos of people who failed trying to meet the challenge.

1. We do not know if he was saved or lost

2. What is the fault of the plants?

3. Who can think of it?

4. You will never forget that day

5. You must have thought twice

6. Although there is not much time to think

7. It fell like the big ones

8. At least he tried

9. Save yourself who can!

10. Everyone wants to participate in the challenge

The Floor is Lava (January 2021)