They made pallets with 100 different sources of contaminated water and call the attention of the world


After seeing these palettes, there is no doubt that something is wrong. Three Chinese students decided to demonstrate pollution levels from at least one hundred water sources located in Taiwan.

These ice pops can have an interesting aspect, but they are not healthy for any living being.

This project wants to make the whole world aware

On the increase in water pollution levels

Derivatives of urbanization

Students Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti

From the National University of Arts

They created pallets using transparent polyester resin

And they designed special packages for each ice cream

Representing the source where the water sample was taken

Around 90% of the pallets contain plastic waste

Bottle caps, bags, packaging, among other pollutants

If this happens in a hundred sources in a country

Imagine the enormous damage we do to our world

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City of Santa Rosa Design Review/Cultural Heritage Board Joint Meeting June 20, 2019 (January 2021)