They made fun of her for her essay on pizza; she has just been admitted to Yale University


If you thought you loved food more than your crush, you do not know Carolina Williams, she is 18 years old and has just graduated from high school in Tennessee. He loves both the smell of cheese and the pepperoni flavor that accompanies each slice of pizza, which decided to dedicate his admission essay to Yale University.

Although for some people this is crazy, for one of those charged with reviewing admissions to the prestigious university, it was quite original.

Getting a pass to the university is not easy

Williams was asked to write 200 words about something he would love to do. His response included romantic lines such as:

When the person in charge brought the pizza to my door, I instantly transformed into a Pavlov dog, salivating to the sound that indicates the arrival of my circular glory with cheese.

Accepting these hot boxes is my second nature, but I will always love ordering pizza because those eight portions of something so common are there to evoke feelings of independence, comfort and joy.

Creativity can do everything

The administrative staff of the university wrote to Williams to tell him how they had laughed out loud with his essay. They even claimed that they ordered pizza after reading it. And of course, she was accepted on the campus.

The most surprising thing is that the institution is part of the Ivy League which has one of the most difficult processes to approve in the world.

Williams had to thank his muse

Normally, everything would have ended here, but Williams had to thank his source of inspiration and through a tweet in the account of Papa Johns they all knew their history.

Someone here is quite proud

The food chain was proud to have helped this student achieve her dream, congratulated her and sent her a greeting from John Schnatter, the founder of Papa Johns.

Although there is not always a happy ending

To make matters worse, he received a series of free gifts and a year of pizza. Unfortunately for Yale, Williams chose to study at the University of Auburn, in Alabama, where he will have access to various scholarships.

High School Senior Gets Into Yale With Essay On Pizza (January 2021)