They launch vegan makeup line inspired by desserts; Everything looks delicious!

When it comes to makeup, wearing many layers is usually considered an insult. However, makeup Caked It is the sweet antidote to combat these negative opinions. The independent company Inde Brand She has been inspired by urban art and sweets to create her new makeup line.

Founded by two sisters in Tampa, Florida, United States, offers 12 types of shadows called mousse in matte tones, long-lasting lipsticks Lips Fondant, in addition to a sugar scrub called Suga Suga. All the products are delicious.

The products are 100% vegetarian and free from animal cruelty

They are not tested on animals. That's a challenge for an independent brand, but the PETA company's certificate says: We do not test animals. And we totally support that philosophy.

The exfoliants are made with sugar and natural oils of almond and peach. The cake scrub contains real chocolate sparks and the cotton candy scrub tastes like caramel. That's why they run out in moments.

Inde Brand he is also creating accessories

Cosmetic bags and purses, are some.

Lipsticks look delicious

And they also know very well. Some of the flavors are inspired by gummy bears, pastry cream, chocolate and cake.

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