They launch the official trailer of The Lion King and we do not stop saying: Hakuna matata!


Finally the wait is over! Disney launched the official trailer of The Lion King, and let us tell you that it is more impressive than you think, even those who are not fans of the Disney world will want to have a seat in the front row to see this beautiful story full of emotion, drama and tenderness.

Many fans of the animated film have put their expectations to the sky since Disney confirmed the remake last year, and we have not been disappointed, because in the preview appear some of the most famous, nostalgic and iconic scenes of the classic story. In addition, they bring us back to character like Mufasa, Nala, Rafiki, Timón, Pumba, Scar and, of course, to Simba that he could not miss. Enjoy them while we wait for the expected release on July 18 next.

Scar, as fearsome as ever

The trailer begins with the narration of evil Scar next to his fellow hyenas; the villain will have no mercy to reach the throne.

Mufasa and the circle of life

Mufasa explains to his son his responsibilities as a prince, as well as teaching him about the balance of animal life. One of the most tender scenes between father and son on the tape.

Simba flees because of threats from his uncle

Scar makes Simba believe that he was the one to blame for his father's accident. The most moving and decisive scene in history returns.

Our favorite friends return

They are back with their Hakuna matata! Do not forget that Timón and Pumbaa are fundamental in the life of Simba, so they could not miss.

Tonight is to love

Simba is reunited with his old friend and love of his life. One of the most romantic songs of the film.

Simba will fight for what has always been his

We will continue the journey and struggle of Simba in the return to the king's stone, as his father would have wished.

We can not wait any longer!

The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King (1080p) (April 2021)