They launch Male Romper; despite the criticism, sales exceed the expectation

Once again, we see it: the Coachella music festival is the magic ball that predicts any future trend for the spring-summer seasons in women's and men's fashion. And without the need for this to become an insane competition, the reality is that to date, no male concept has competed so strongly with trends as the surprise of 2017 has achieved: the to break male or male break

The rompers They are one of the pieces of clothing that girls like, because of their romanticism, the spring freshness and the comfort they bring to women's fashion. So a design campaign for men saw all the beauty of this garment and decided to launch the RompHim, the line of male break that is becoming the must between the boys.

The bell RompHim announces the future of men's summer clothes

So while we thought that breaking was that piece that only girls who love sunny days could use, the project RompHim He surprised last week with a launch that started on the right foot and came to collect more than 68 thousand dollars in less than two days.

Even when most users in the networks remain skeptical of the concept of male break, the first version of this masculine clothing sold out in almost record time. Now, the male community seems to keep its door open to the possibility of joining the trend.

As expected, the summer garment also had its detractors

Both men and women have shared their few or no wishes that the masculine break will become the trend of 2017.

How bad can it be to see your boyfriend in a male break?

The garment is fun, comfortable, has all the vibe of summer seventies. His designs vary between basic colors and white garments full of patterns, spots and dots.

At the moment the campaign could not be happier for its acceptance in the male public, because the male break is the kind of proposal difficult to sell, remember what happened with the choker for men, his controversy lasted longer than the boys had the chokers on their necks.

Does someone remind you of the design of the RompHim?

Clear! One of the most endearing man-style icons in the culture pop, it's James Bond and users of Twitter They made this comparison. Agent 007, without a doubt, is a benchmark of the avant-garde that few could resist.

Would you give this garment for the summer?

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