They launch makeup collection inspired by Disney villains; It's perfect for bad girls


We are many who are in love with the Disney world, not to mention their stories and characters. The favorites of all will always be the princesses, for they will eternally remind us of the little girl we once were, who dreamed of the arrival of her prince charming, who was to rescue us from the clutches of the evil ones. But let's be honest: now we love villains more, they always look so fabulous

They are the ones who stand out the most, their costumes are so striking, they have crazy hairstyles and undoubtedly they are the ones who have the most fun, always trying to make the sweet and angelic princess not triumph. For this reason, the brand ColourPop of Disney honors the evil characters, creating a collection of makeup with many colors, bright and risky tones.

After having launched with great success a line of make-up of the princesses (ColourPop Disney Princess), Disney created the cosmetics of their antiheroes. And we can not stand the wait to look perversely beautiful.

It's okay to be bad

The collection is under the motto Its good to be bad (It's okay to be bad), in which our favorite villains like Cruela de Vil, Maleficent, Ã "rsula, Dr. Facilier, Hades and the Evil Queen are protagonists of the different palettes of eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes; the packages and the palettes have fun illustrations of the villains in neon tones and, as if that were not enough, their wrappings are iridescent. Could they be even more cool?

However, expect the best of everything: in addition to its fantastic designs, there are the prices! The products range from eight dollars to 22 dollars, so your savings will not be affected.

We leave you the collection for you to decide for your favorite set, although we know that it is very difficult not to love them all.

The Evil Queen will want you to taste her poisoned apple

God of makeup?

Maleficent will envy your beauty

Rush will desire your lips

Beware of Dr. Facilier's spells!

Vil's cricket will want to take them all

Do not be scared with the prices in dollars, ColourPop makes international shipments. So, what are you waiting for to be a movie villain?

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