They launch collection of wedding dresses for girls with curves; they are a dream come true


It is no secret that weddings are a challenge, either because of the excessive cost of the dress, shoes, hair, makeup (not to mention everything necessary for the party) adds up quite quickly, is not it? And, as if that were not enough, we always have the constant anxiety of finding the perfect attire, size and cut, because all without exception we want an unforgettable garment with which we feel comfortable, beautiful and always ourselves.

And this does not make it easier because it is quite complex to find dresses to suit us; and is that in the case of large sizes can be a difficult journey. But do not worry that the Torrid brand accepted the challenge by creating the most beautiful and economical bridal designs for all the girls that have curves. We can already look beautiful without excuses.

Breaking stereotypes

The clothing brand launched its new collection The Wedding Shop It has 10 different elegant, classic and contemporary dresses. Torrid was inspired by her clients who often, desperate, do not find the perfect dress because they come in very small sizes. That's why the brand wanted to break with the way the fashion industry works, creating the best options for a girl in her most special day.

In addition, the store is full of bridesmaid dresses and accessories, and all cost less than $ 200; There is no excuse for not buying them. So if your wedding is coming and you are looking for more you do not find your perfect attire, here we leave some of the most beautiful designs you can find in the store on-line.

A formal dress with bare shoulders

Elegant lace sleeves

The perfect cut to show your figure

A different option

Torrid is the store for excellence in large sizes for women, so if you liked some design or want to see more of the brand's outfits, enter here.